The Kerouac Project



I will be visiting the Orlando area and want a tour of the home. How do I go about this?

The home is not open to the general public. Since it is the residence of a writer, we respect their privacy and protect their time to focus on writing. We can schedule tours to be led by a Board of Director. The requested donation is $100 for a tour to help support our program. You will see where Jack lived and worked while he wrote The Dharma Bums in this home and also receive a copy of Bob Kealing’s book Kerouac in Florida Where the Road Ends. We have several pieces of artifacts/furniture that had belonged to Jack Kerouac from his final home out of St. Petersburg. You will learn the history and hear stories from years’ worth of interviewing and gathering information from neighbors and friends of Jack. Also check out our Events section of our website and Facebook to learn of upcoming events that hold the home open. There is no “cost” for our events, however, donations are always gratefully accepted.

Students/field trips

I am a student or teacher and want my class to have a field trip to Jack Kerouac’s house. How do we schedule a field trip?

We would love to host students for a field trip! We think having the only literary landmark in Orlando is pretty special. We just need to schedule it so that it can work for everyone- students, a Board or Director who would give the tour, and of course the schedule of the resident.

Filming/Filmmaking of the home

We are happy to accommodate whatever we can for your filmmaking goals. However, the Board of Directors will need to approve the request. Please limit this request to those who are creating a documentary, the press, or something along those lines. Just coming by with the video function on your phone out of curiosity doesn’t fit into this category. Please see “Tours and Visits.” Otherwise, submit your request with the purpose and date/times requested (please leave at least 2 date/times so we can try to accommodate you) through the “Contact Us” page. We may ask for supporting documentation (evidence of assignment, intent of news story, etc.) to present to the Board of Directors.

History of the home (may be cool to add some info Bob discovered)

How long did Jack live in this home?

Jack lived in the home for about a year, between 1957-58.

Who did he live with?

He lived there with his mother.

What did he write while he lived at this house?

Jack lived in this little bungalow at the time that On The Road found its success. He wrote The Dharma Bums while living here, writing nearly non-stop for 11 days and nights.

Writers in Residency Applications

What types of writing are eligible for submission?

Screenplays, plays, movie scripts, books, short stories, poems,

Should I specify on my cover letter what type of writing I am submitting?

Yes, please specify if play, short story, poem, etc.

What is paid for by the program during the 3 month residency?

Rent, utilities (cable, water, electricity, lawn, alarm system) and $800 in grocery store gift card for food. There is also a bicycle provided for getting around (grocery store, convenient store, restaurants, coffee shops and even a Dollar Store are within blocks of the home. There is a public bus to get you around to areas outside of College Park, but no automobile available for the resident.

Does the writer in residency program cover the cost of travel?

No, travel expenses are covered by you.

My resume is longer than one page. Will you accept this?

As we prefer to have a one page resume to get a snap shot of who you and your experience/accomplishments, should you need two pages, we will still accept your resume.

Does my submission need to be in English?

Yes, please submit your writing in English as we are evaluating your work and we are unable to translate.

Does my work while in the residency program have to be written in English?

No, you may write in your native language. We host you for you to be inspired and removed from the distractions of your daily life to focus on your work, in whatever language is your primary. However, prior to the end of your stay, you will participate in a reading at the Kerouac House where you can read in your native language if that is what you have written the work in, but you must also read a competent English translation of the work as well for the audience.

Will I have to be part of events during the residency?

We do ask that you participate in a few events such as readings, open house, open mic night at a workshop, etc. We aim to host or be part of an event about once a month, so count on roughly 3 events to participate in. It is okay if you are an introvert; you are not hosting, just participating!

Why is there an application fee?

The Kerouac Project is a publically funded non-profit organization, 501(c)3, run by volunteers and an unpaid Board of Directors. The application fee goes towards keeping up the program: providing the food stipend, paying for the utilities, upkeep of the home, etc.

Can my family come stay with me during the residency?

Unfortunately, the home is not set up to house more than one person at this time.

What if my writing selection I want to submit is longer than 10 pages, may I submit more?

It is strongly encouraged that you follow the guidelines of the submission so that our selection committee can make a determination based on the requirements. However, we do understand that some pieces require a little more, such as play writes. Should you need a little additional room to truly demonstrate your work, we would accept your work with additional pages attached. If you are submitting more because you believe “more is better” and for no other reason, your application may not be considered. We understand that 10 pages is typically a portion of work and not your work in its entirety. The selection committee is simply getting a taste of your work and abilities based on what we believe would be your best work.

Upcoming events/programs

Please see our Events section of our website or visit our Facebook page for upcoming events.

We are constantly scheduling new events, either hosted by us or events we want to help support with our like-minded community.