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Residency Submissions

Please also read these Frequently Asked Questions before applying.

*We have selected our 2024 – 2025 residents.

*Applications for the 2025-2026 writer-in-residence positions will open in 2025.

Please check back in January or February of 2025 for those applications.

About the Residencies

The Kerouac Project provides six residencies a year to writers of any stripe or age, living anywhere in the world. We encourage BIPOC and LGTBQ writers to apply. In the past, we have accepted writers with no formal writing education alongside those with MFA’s and impressive résumés. You will be judged on the quality of the writing sample you submit. Each residency consists of approximately a two-month stay in the cottage where Jack Kerouac wrote his novel Dharma Bums. Utilities and a food stipend of $600 are included. As writer-in-residence, all you are required to do is live in the Kerouac House during your residency, work on your writing project, and participate in four events: a Welcome Potluck dinner for you, two creative workshops to host, and a Final Reading of your work at the Kerouac House at the end of your residency. Should you desire them, the Kerouac Project can also offer opportunities for you to participate in other readings, lead more workshops, and interact in other ways with the vibrant Central Florida literary community.

requirements of the residency

A large part of the Kerouac Project is to extend writing and writing culture into the community. During their stay, residents are expected to participate in four events: a Welcome Potluck, two creative writing workshops, and a Final Reading.

Residents are required to teach at least two writing workshops from the Kerouac house for the Kerouac Project. At least one workshop must be done via online so that international workshop attendees may participate. The other workshop may be done in person at the Kerouac House or via online. The Kerouac Project will work with residents to facilitate and advertise these workshops. Residents have creative direction regarding the workshop content. Residents are not paid additionally for the workshops. Proceeds of workshops benefit the Kerouac Project so that we can continue future residencies and community outreach.

We understand that some residents may have remote jobs to help with income. That said, residents are expected to utilize a good portion of their time at the Kerouac House and in the Orlando community for writing and inspiration. At the end of the residency, each resident is required to do a Final Reading at the Kerouac House showcasing new creative material they’ve worked on since becoming a resident.

Included in the residency

Housing: Included in residency

Food: $600 food & personal goods stipend

Wifi: Included in residency

Residency Slots

The 2024-2025 residency slots to be filled are as follows:

Residency 1: September 1 through October 20, 2024

Residency 2: November 1st, 2024 through December 22nd, 2024

Residency 3: January 3rd, 2025 through February 23rd, 2025

Residency 4: March 1, 2025 through April 20th, 2025

Residency 5: May 1st, 2025 through June 22nd, 2025

Residency 6: July 1st, 2025 through August 25th, 2025

At the time you submit your application you will be asked which residency time slot(s) you prefer or are available for. Or you can just indicate ‘any’ if you have no specific time slot preference.

The Application Process and Guidelines:

You will be required to select a category into which your submission best fits. The five categories are: Poetry, Play, Screenplay, Fiction/Short Story, and Nonfiction.

Your writing sample must match the category. So, for example, if you are applying in the fiction category, your writing sample must only be a fiction sample. You cannot include some fiction and some poems you may have written. You are allowed one submission per category.

This means you can submit to more than one category if you wish to do so. However, each submission is separate, and you must complete the whole application process again for each submission. This includes the payment of the $50 application fee for each submission.

All applications/submissions are received electronically, and a $50 application fee is required at the time you submit, and for each subsequent application, should you decide to submit in more than one category.

We require a standard format for all fiction and nonfiction prose submissions. The format is:

  • 10 pages in length maximum.
  • 1-inch page margins.
  • 1.5 line spacing.
  • Text must be in a 12-point serif font, (preferably Times New Roman as its compact structure allows you the maximum number of words per page).

Those submitting poetry, a play, or screenplay, may continue to follow the genre conventions in their submissions, though your writing sample must also be limited to 10-pages in length.

The residency submission/application period opens on February 1, 2024, and remains open for eleven weeks, closing at midnight (Eastern Time) on April 28, 2024. We encourage applicants to apply early rather than waiting until the end to submit.

Please read all of the Frequently Asked Questions related to residency applications before submitting your application and writing sample.

When you are ready, click the button below to initiate the application/submission process.

Thank you, and good luck with your submission.

Brett Pribble

Vice President, Residency Program

Genevieve Anna Tyrrell

Residency Program

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