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Near Miss at the Kerouac House


On Sunday, June 27, 2021, a huge oak tree limb (girth 125 inches) fell and slightly damaged the roof of the Kerouac House front porch. Thankfully, our current writer-in-residence Tanya Grae wasn’t home at the time, and no one was injured. (Check out the video clip below.)

The incident is a timely reminder of how quickly things can change. The tree—a Live Oak that Jack Kerouac called “Grandfather”—is about 250 years old. The 100-year-old Kerouac House where Jack lived and wrote for a time sits beneath the tree and needs some major TLC. The house’s foundations need to be replaced to keep it strong and in place for another 100 years. If you’d like to make a gift to support The Kerouac Project as we move forward raising the money needed to undertake this project, click here to be taken to the Donate page on our website.