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Ray McNiece, photo by Herbert Ascherman/


Ray McNiece

Ray McNiece, Poet, Actor, Singer, Educator

Ray McNiece is the author of seven poetry books – Dis, The Bone-Orchard Conga, The Road that Carried Me Here, Song that Fathoms Home, and Wet Sand Raven Tracks –New Haiku, Us — Talking Across America, and Our Way of Life, two solo theatre works – Dis and, Us? two music/poetry collaborations – Mouth Music, A Rust bowl Hootenanny, and one collaborative play – Homegirl meets Whiteboy — with Shawn Jackson. The Orlando Sentinel called him “a modern day descendant of Woody Guthrie. He has a way with words and a wry sense of humor.” In a review of his theatre work, Us? Talking Across America, the Star-Phoenix said, “His thoughtful writing combines with perfectly timed delivery to create a powerful wordscape that owes as much to jazz as drama.” He co-edited the anthology of contemporary American Buddhist Poetry, America Zen.

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